Welcome to the 21-22 School Year!

Dear Olympic View Families and Friends,

We are so excited to have ALL students back on campus! Let’s work together to make sure our Golden Eagles have a great first day back and an amazing year! CLICK HERE for a letter from Mrs. Lines

Class Lists will emailed Tuesday morning, and will also be posted outside the principal’s office window. CLICK HERE for map of school. Pop by on Tuesday, July 20 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm for a self guided tour!

Parent Playbook 

First day of school is Wednesday, July 21 and is a minimum day for K-6

Be sure to CLICK HERE for a letter from Mrs. Lines

We want to make sure our students and community stay safe when we come back on campus. Please be sure to view the narrated power point on out school guidelines and safety procedures. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Does your child plan on bringing a cell phone to school? If so, please be sure to fill out the electronic cell phone waiver. All

students who have phones must have a waiver completed. CLICK HERE to complete waiver

School Uniforms

Olympic View highly encourages school uniforms. Below is our uniform policy. If your child will not be wearing a school uniform, please fill out THIS ELECTRONIC WAIVER. If there is a waiver filled out, your child must follow the district dress code. CLICK HERE to see dress code guidelines.

The school uniform consists of the following: solid Navy blue, Khaki, or jean(with no rips or holes) pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers, and solid red, white, or navy blue shirts. School Spirit Wear may be worn any day of the week. If you need help
acquiring the uniforms, please contact the office to see if we have any gently used uniforms in your child’s size. Information is confidential.

OPTC Membership Drive Kicks Off Tuesday!

Be sure to join our OPTC!!! All money goes directly back to the school. Last year we were able to pay for a new marquee, and are waiting for the water filtration to be installed as well! Thank you for supporting OPTC!

Be sure to order your Olympic View Spirit Wear! CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

“Olympic View Golden Eagles BELONG, LEARN, and LEAD to SUCCEED!”

This is our school mission statement. Our district has adopted an Equity Board Policy. I encourage you to click the link to read. A few have asked if there is a new equity curriculum.

Using California Education Code and curricular frameworks provided by the California Department of Education, all staff are expected to follow Board of Education policies to plan, implement, and assess grade-level content.

We strive to meet the many and varied needs and interests of our school community as we make decisions about purchasing books and materials for students, and that includes making sure we have materials that reflect diverse identities. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, not only because we want to make sure students see themselves and one another reflected in our curriculum, but because we want to make sure we aren’t ignoring our responsibility regarding pupil nondiscrimination.

It’s important to remember that every community is diverse. This includes diversity of opinions and beliefs as well as identities, whether that diversity is highly visible or not. Additionally, people who are not visibly “diverse” regarding identity or beliefs often appreciate having diverse materials.

2021-22 School Calendar

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