Update on Class Lists and Materials Distribution

Good Evening Olympic View Families and Friends,

Thank you for your patience as the district works to solve technical issues. Emails went out today. If you did not receive an email, here are a few possible reasons:

  1. You registered within the last 3 days and your account in the messaging system is not active.
  2. You received an email for one child but not the other: There is a glitch that we are working out OR you have two different emails listed for your children. Be sure to check all your active emails.
  3. Preschool Students are not active in the system yet. You will be contacted by the teacher.
  4. Teachers will be contacting parents in the next few days to provide more information.
  5. The Home Access Center is being updated and you will be able to see teacher name on Aug. 28
  6. You must register in the Home Access Center with the email we have on file.
  7. You can also call the office between 8 am – 4 pm to make sure we have an updated email.

Thanks everyone! I know these are challenging times. Please know we are excited to meet our students and eventually get back to school! STAY GOLDEN!!!!

2 thoughts on “Update on Class Lists and Materials Distribution

  1. Tried logging in with the email address I provided upon registering my child but yet it’s not recognizing it. Some one please reach out to me. Thanks


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