Parent Notification

5 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Phishing Email

Hi Olympic View Families and Friends!

Thanks for working with us in order to problem solve technical issues. If you did not receive an email, or you cannot log into the Home Access Center, it means either we do not have a current email, or you are trying to create an account with an email we do not have on file. Please contact the office (619-656-2030) to provide, or check what email we have on file. Also, new registration within the last few days are most likely not populated into the system yet.

It is imperative, that whenever your contact info changes, you notify the office.

5 thoughts on “Parent Notification

  1. I have not received any mail from who will be the teacher of Francesca Suner… You could email me. with the information.. Thank you


  2. I have not received any information for Taliyah Boldridge. I have tried calling the school to confirm email on file but no answer.


    1. The office closes at 4 pm. I just tried to email you the info and we have an undeliverable email on file for you. Please send your working email to so we can update it. You will not be able to receive emails or log into the home access center until we have this.


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