August 4, 2020

Good Morning Olympic View Families and Friends,

I hope that everyone is well and enjoying their summer break.  Sunday messages will now continue.  Please stay updated for school, OPTC, committees and other information. It’s hard to believe how much has transpired since school closed in March, both in our county, state, country and the world.  Like many of you, I had high hopes of opening our doors to all of our Golden Eagles, both big and small and greeting them face to face in the fall, however, we must move forward with new public health orders for the safety of our students and staff.  I am sensitive to the challenges that families have with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I know that you have many questions regarding school starting using a Distance Learning model.   I also want to acknowledge and respond to some of the questions you may have.

Question:  With the Distance Learning model, our family will need childcare.  Will the District provide childcare?

A: We understand that childcare is a necessity for many of our families during Distance Learning, and the District is exploring childcare options to the extent possible.  More information regarding childcare is forthcoming.  Thanks for your patience!

Question:  My child will need a device/laptop for Distance Learning.  Can we get one from the school? 

 A:  Technology and Wifi will be important as we begin the school year in Distance Learning, and we want to make sure our students have what they need to be successful.  For families that need a device, we definitely want to support you!  Plans for a device distribution is in the works, and you will hear more about that in the coming weeks.

 Question:  I’m concerned about how my child will make academic growth during Distance Learning.  Will there be a more consistent structure?  My child needs daily interaction with the teacher.

 A:  We are committed to providing grade level academic instruction to your child whether in person or via Distance Learning.  Assembly Bill 77 (AB-77) was amended on June 23, 2020 to reflect Distance Learning.  I encourage you to read this document using the link provided.  As a District and school, this bill will serve as a guidepost for us.  AB-77 includes items such as daily live interaction with the teacher, academic supports such as Designated and Integrated ELD, and Special Education and related services.

Link to AB-77:

 Question:  How will we find out who my child’s teacher is? 

A:  You will receive an email the week prior to school starting with your child’s class assignment.

 Question:  What school supplies do I need to have ready for my child?  Will we be given a list?

A:  The school and/or your child’s teacher will let you know what supplies will be helpful to support Distance Learning for your child at home.  We will communicate with you as we get closer to the start of school.  We understand you want to be prepared, but we thank you for your patience as we are currently working through the shift to Distance Learning.  Know that if any families need basic school supplies, Olympic View will coordinate to provide them to you.

 Question:  When will the school office be open?  I have questions about registration, change of address, zone transfers, residency verification, and other items.

 A:  Our school office is closed for the summer; however, office personnel will be responding to inquiries starting August 12.  Here is the contact information for our staff:

  • Secretary, Linda Wong                                          
  • Attendance Health Secretary, Rita Garcia        

More information regarding the opening of schools can be found on the district website,, or by visiting:

or by visiting and following our Olympic View Blog:

I miss you all and hope that you and your family are staying healthy and positive!


Lisa Lines



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