Important Information for Promotion

To Ensure a Smooth Promotion For All, Please Read:

Dear Parents,

6th Grade Promotion will begin at 8:30 am.  Please note that parking tomorrow (June, 5) will be extremely challenging.  If you live close, and are able to walk, please do so.  Please anticipate the possibility of needing to park a distance away. We will open the playground for 6th grade parent parking ONLY at 7:30 am.  No one will be allowed on campus or on the blacktop before then.  Please do not come early and block the bus loop, and do not park in the red zones.  The back gate will open at 7:30.  You may park in marked spots ONLY at the church.  Please do not park in their red zones.

Please save handicapped Parking for those with placards.  We have a limited number of disabled spots.handi

While finding a seat, some chairs have been reserved with a handicapped sign.  Please save that spot and the one next to it for families needing it.  Do not remove reserved signs.



As a reminder, no balloons or limousines will be allowed on campus. Image result for no balloons sign

Image result for no limousines sign

Thank you all, and the staff and I look forward to a wonderful day of celebration!

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