Week of April 18 – 22

REMINDER: CAASPP testing and end of the year Local Measures are quickly approaching! It is important your child is at school, on time during this testing period. please plan Dr./dentist appointments, as well as vacations around these dates.

COVID testing on site for registered students.

Testing will occur every Monday. If you have consented to testing at a COVID kiosk at Eastlake Elementary, it is also giving consent to test at school. If you have registered your child and they have not been tested, it means there was either a mistake with the birthdate, or you put a parent name where the child’s name must be in the form. Simply re-register using the link below.

To register your child CLICK HERE

Congratulations to our basketball team for winning their season opener!!!!

BASKETBALL TEAM – You must test weekly in orde3r to play. tf you have not signed up for weekly testing, and would like to, use the link above. If you do not sign up, you must show coach Shears a negative test before playing each game. It cannot be a home test.

CLICK HERE to order

Raffle for the principal’s parking spot for THREE WEEKS begins Tuesday before school. Tickets will be sold before and after school. 6th Graders are fundraising for their legacy project which is a Ga-Ga pit for students to enjoy for years to come!!!! This is a recess game that can be enjoyed by many.

Please help us spend our OPTC giveback money! please fill out THIS FORM to share ideas!

Our 2nd Annual Leader in Me Leadership day will be May 27 from 9:15 – 11:15. Come see our sign Shine with leadership! PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!!!! An Invitation RSVP will be sent next week via DOJO and the BLOG

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2021-22 School Calendar

2022-23 School Calendar

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