Week of April 4 – 8

Welcome Back to School, Golden Eagles! We hope you had a safe and fun Spring Break! Students return for a MINIMUM DAY on Monday, April 4. Kindergarten at 1:00 pm 1-6 at 1:15 pm

COVID at home test kits were distributed before. We highly encourage you to test your child 24-48 hours before returning to school. If your child tests positive, PLEASE USE THIS LINK to report.

Mask Update:

The mask MANDATE has been lifted. We encourage masking indoors, but it is no longer required. You can get further information using the links below.

2022, ENG Indoor Mask Mandate.pdf 

2022, SP Indoor Mask Mandate.pdf 

COVID testing on site for registered students.

Testing will occur every Monday. If you have consented to testing at a COVID kiosk at Eastlake Elementary, it is also giving consent to test at school. If you have registered your child and they have not been tested, it means there was either a mistake with the birthdate, or you put a parent name where the child’s name must be in the form. Simply re-register using the link below.

To register your child CLICK HERE

We are quickly approaching state wide testing that will start beginning of May. CLICK HERE for the parent notification letter.

CLICK HERE to order yearbook

Yearbook Dedication paperwork was sent home before spring break.

Thank you to those who signed up to be on the board next year! We look forward to having a fabulous year with many on campus activities! CLICK HERE for the nominations


**EACH Volunteer needs to meet the following requirements** (If you only plan on volunteering for fieldtrip, you do not need fingerprints) 

For weekly testing for unvaccinated parent volunteers, please follow these directions

CLICK HERE to register your TK, Kinder or NEW student for the 2022-23 school year.

Image result for cvesd news link

2021-22 School Calendar

2022-23 School Calendar

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