Week of Feb. 28 – Mar. 4

Outdoor Masking Update:

Dear CVESD Staff and Parents/Guardians,

With decreasing COVID-19 positive cases, reduced hospitalizations, and more individuals being vaccinated, we are re-examining our mask mandates.  Currently, we are happy to announce a lifting of the requirement to wear masks outdoors at school. This policy update will take effect on Monday, February 28th. Of course, any student or staff member who feels more comfortable wearing a mask while outdoors at school is welcome to continue to do so.  At this time, we will continue to have the mandate to always wear masks indoors for all students and adults.   We will continue to monitor health organizations recommendations, and local, state, and federal mandates to determine the best course of action as we navigate through this pandemic.   

We are proud of the work our school site and District staff have done to carry out health and safety protocols and even more proud of how our students have responded to these health-focused policies. At schools across the District, students, teachers, and staff have modeled a sense of community and a willingness to look out for one another.

As a District, we will always remain committed to the health and safety of our school communities and to adhering to the appropriate mandates and health recommendations. 

We encourage all members of our school communities to continue to follow public health guidelines and recommendations for remaining safe as the pandemic has not yet gone away. 

For more information on the District’s COVID-19 response, please visit our website at www.cvesd.org


Eduardo Reyes, Ed. D.


Asunto:  CVESD eliminará el requisito del uso de cubrebocas en los exteriores de las escuelas.

Apreciable personal de CVESD y padres/tutores:

Con la disminución de casos positivos de COVID-19, reducción de hospitalizaciones y más personas vacunadas, estamos revisando nuestros mandatos sobre cubrebocas. Actualmente, nos da gusto anunciar la eliminación del requisito para usar cubrebocas en los exteriores de las escuelas. Esta actualización a la política entrará en vigor el lunes, 28 de febrero. Por supuesto, cualquier estudiante o miembro del personal que se sienta más cómodo usando un cubrebocas mientras esté en exteriores de la escuela puede continuar haciéndolo. Por el momento, continuaremos implementando el mandato de que todos los estudiantes y adultos usen cubrebocas en interiores. Continuaremos monitoreando las recomendaciones de las organizaciones de salud y los mandatos locales, estatales y federales para determinar el mejor curso de acción para navegar por esta pandemia.

Estamos orgullosos del trabajo que nuestro personal en las escuelas y en el Distrito ha realizado para implementar los protocolos de salud y seguridad, y aún más orgullosos de la manera en que nuestros estudiantes han respondido a estas políticas enfocadas en la salud. En las escuelas de todo el Distrito, los estudiantes, maestros y personal han modelado un sentido de comunidad y voluntad de cuidarse unos a otros.

Como Distrito, siempre estaremos comprometidos con la salud y seguridad de nuestras comunidades escolares y con el cumplimiento de los mandatos y recomendaciones de salud correspondientes.

Alentamos a todos los miembros de nuestras comunidades escolares a continuar cumpliendo con las pautas de salud pública y las recomendaciones para mantener la seguridad, ya que la pandemia aún no ha terminado.

Para más información sobre la respuesta del Distrito hacia COVID-19, favor de visitar nuestro sitio web en www.cvesd.org


Dr. Eduardo Reyes


COVID testing begins on site Feb. 28 for registered students.

Testing will occur every Monday. If you have consented to testing at a COVID kiosk at Eastlake Elementary, it is also giving consent to test at school.

To register your child CLICK HERE


**EACH Volunteer needs to meet the following requirements** (If you only plan on volunteering for fieldtrip, you do not need fingerprints) 


For weekly testing for unvaccinated parent volunteers, please follow these directions

Olympic View will be celebrating Read Across Olympic View the week of Mar. 7-11. We wanted to wait until the 6th graders get back from camp. Thank you to our student lighthouse team for planning spirit week!

It is nomination time for the 22-23 OPTC Board! 22-23 is going to be an exciting, busy year! We will need help to bring back our on campus events! After a long time of not being on campus, what better way for parents to get involved than OPTC? CLICK HERE for the nomination form. Forms were also sent home. You can pick up in front office if you need one.

Feb. 16 will be a town hall regarding the registration process for Kinder and TK. Below are the flyers with information, and how to attend.

It is time for the annual YMCA fundraiser. The YMCA is an important part of both our school and community. Helps us to continue to fund the DASH program, scholarships, and other important programs in the community! CLICK HERE to donate.

March 2, 2022 – Registration & New ZT transfer links goes live
March 2, 6:00 pm Citizens Oversight Mtg.
March 3, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm CABE
March 8, 12:00pm DAC/DELAC
March 9, 6:00 pm CVESD Board Mtg.
March 10 – 17 Parent Teacher Conf. Min. Days
March 13 Daylight Savings (Spring Forward 1 hour)
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2021-22 School Calendar

2022-23 School Calendar

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