Special Preschool Addition! Updated Date

Learning Ladders Preschool Welcome to Preschool! - Learning Ladders  Preschool

Olympic View is excited to welcome the first preschool classes at Olympic View! We are excited to have our smallest Golden Eaglets with us! Thank you for your patience as preschool information (student ID, emails, etc are being loaded into the system). First and foremost, let me introduce out wonderful Preschool Teachers!

All About Mrs. Delgado

• Name: Ana Delgado

• From: Mexico

• Married for 20 years

• Mother of two children, Mariana(17) and Melissa (13)

• Education: Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood

Education and a Teacher Permit in Child Development

• Experiences: teaching for 19 years between Preschool and Kindergarten.

All About Mrs. Ortiz

  • Name: Tasha Ortiz
  • From: Puerto Rico
  • Married for 18 years
  • Mother of two children, Jose (21) and Adrian (13)
  • Education: Bachelor Degree in Liberal Studies and an Associate
  • Degree in Early Child Development.
  • Experiences: Teaching for 15 years between Preschool and

     Elementary School.

You have most likely heard from your child’s teacher. Please be sure they have an updated email for you.

Computer Distribution - Cattell Elementary School

If you are in need of a of a device or hotspot, fill out the forms below. Please, only fill out if you are in need. Please note, the district is currently out of hotspots and have ordered more

Click Here to request a device

Click Here to request a hotspot

We will be distributing materials on Monday, Aug. 31. From 1 – 3 pm. More details will be out on Sunday with the details.

Welcome to Olympic View ! Stay Golden!

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