Week of June 15 – 19, 2020

Dear Olympic View Family and Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer and the wonderful weather!

Important Information regarding registration!

The School office will remain open Monday, June 15 – Tuesday, June 16.  If you do not complete registration (Kinder students and all students new to the district), you will have to wait until Aug. 12.  Please note, registration is a two step process.  Read below

If you are an existing Olympic View family enrolling a new student or know a family wishing to enroll their child at Olympic View, the information below is for you:

  • New students who have not yet enrolled to start at OV for the 2020-2021 school year should begin the registrations process using the District’s online enrollment system http://www.cvesd.org/parents/welcome_to_enrollment.
  • We encourage parents of new students to enroll online. We will follow up with you to request supporting documents.  On-Line registration DOES NOT complete the process.  Be on the look put for follow up email.
  • For parents unable to complete registration online or unable to submit documents by email, please contact the Olympic View Office Office at 619-656-2030, or e-mail Ms. Linda Wong at linda.wong@cvesd.org. We have a process in place to distribute and collect registration information while maintaining safety.  Reminder, school office will be closed from June 17 – Aug. 12

Are you registering a Kinder student???  Please Read!

Please read the this important letter from Mrs. Lines.

Here is a link to the Kinder Assessment Survey.  It seems to function better on a computer.

REMINDER:  There will be no 4th quarter report cards.  Students will have access to all programs over the summer.  I encourage everyone to read, read, read over the summer!

If you borrowed a school computer, you will be able to continue using it over break.  We will let you know the return date when it is determined.

Letter from Superintendent regarding new school year

Message from the SuperintendentYour Grit Inspires Us!

Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff Members:

As we see the 2019-20 school year come to a close, I want to thank you and your children for your flexibility and adaptability as we quickly transitioned to distance learning and instruction. Everyone showed a true level of grit that was both inspiring and uplifting. Congratulations on a successful school year and best of luck to those moving on to the next stage of their educational pursuits.

Our attention turns now to the work of finalizing plans for the 2020-21 school session. At this time, we have targeted Monday, August 31, as the proposed date that school will begin. While we traditionally align our calendar with the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD), we also understand that the challenges and considerations regarding safely reopening schools and providing meaningful instruction via distance learning are different for elementary schools and secondary schools. It is our intention to align our future calendars with SUHSD once this pandemic is over.

The direction our reopening takes will depend on several important pieces: implementing school guidance and public health recommendations, countywide efforts to ensure COVID-19 is under control and cases are on the way down, progress along the Governor’s multi-phased roadmap for ending the stay-at-home order, guidance from the newly released Guidebook for the Safe Reopening of California’s Public Schools, and, just as importantly, input from our stakeholder groups.

Survey Says…

Recently, the Chula Vista Elementary School District reached out to our community and asked for input about the coming school year and the design of school reopenings. Over 9,000 responses were received and that input has been critical to our work in crafting our plan for teaching and learning. Three specific results are worth noting.

When surveyed about potential learning models, our families indicated:

  • 36% would prefer on-site instruction
  • 19% would prefer virtual school
  • 55% would prefer some form of blended learning model.

During the summer, our staff will create both online virtual school as well as live sessions to help recover lost learning. Starting July 15, we will send an update every two weeks regarding the status of these learning platforms. We want to keep you as informed and up to date as possible so that we start the new school year off on the right foot.

No matter what form instruction and learning take in the coming school year, CVESD remains committed to protecting the health and safety of our entire school communities. Getting back to school is critically important, as you know, but doing so responsibly and with a focus on preventing the spread of this virus is paramount.

Challenging Times

There is no doubt we find ourselves in challenging times and I would be remiss if I did not also comment on the events of the last few weeks with regard to social justice, protesting of police brutality, and demands for significant and meaningful change in our country. As protests continued for another weekend, I concentrated on listening. I listened to African-American school leaders in our District. I listened to African-American colleagues and friends. I also listened to teachers, staff members and school psychologists who were not African-American, as they shared with me their horror in watching video capturing the death of a bound George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. This was the latest in a string of killings and racial injustices targeting black Americans.

Like those from all walks of life and many sectors of industry, we as a District proudly acknowledge Black Lives Matter.

Many of our families are deeply hurting right now. We as educators and members of the larger community have a moral obligation to create safe spaces for discussion and learning so that we don’t miss the lesson in these recent events. We need to listen to the voices crying out for change and understanding. We need to listen to our children’s questions about the difficult images they are seeing on their screens. Together, we need to take action and assist in the process of developing strategies that will make a difference.

Our students need us now more than ever. They need guidance that is informed, authentic, and filled with compassion and understanding. Sometimes, additional resources can be a bridge when we don’t feel fully equipped to assist our young people. Two valuable resources you might refer to come from our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Director and our District’s social workers, as well as the San Diego County Office of Education. These are excellent resources that may assist in facilitating conversations between students and families.

I am hopeful we are ready to move forward as a District, a community, and a nation united in the belief that we can and will do better. Only then can we live up to our belief that each and every child is an individual of great worth.


Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D.

A Tentative Calendar has been agreed upon and is Pending Board Approval.  Please note, that the Board Meeting is Wednesday, June 17.  Please note that it is possible for changes to be made.

20 21 Revised School Calendar

Students have access to these fun channels all summer!

Visual and Performing Arts - Chula Vista Elementary School DistrictOur VAPA teachers in the district have been working hard to create a You Tube channel that all students can enjoy.  There are amazing videos and activities!  Students will even be able to enjoy these videos throughout the summer!  Be sure to subscribe!

HomeDistrict PE teachers are also hard at work to provide opportunities for all students.  Be sure to subscribe to the CVESD PE You Tube channel and stay fit and healthy all summer long!

Yearbooks are still coming! - The Woodlands College Park High School

We had a first round of yearbook distribution.  We will have another in the evening.  I will let you know when a date has been determined.  Due to high demand, we ordered 10 more for sale.  First come, first serve, cash only ($30).  If we have enough interest, we are considering opening on line ordering that will be shipped to your house.

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