Week of July 23-27, 2018



Character Trait for July – RESPECT – Talk with your child(ren) about how our school and classrooms are talking about and displaying respect.  Discuss ways they can show respect in the different facets of their lives (sports, home, school, etc.),  and of course, as adults, let’s model this trait.

Our first annual “Packet Pick Up” night was a success! Thank you to those who were able to come.  I am grateful to our amazing OPTC for organizing this event!  For those who could not make it, class lists are placed on the office window.  Please note, I will not make any class changes the first two weeks of school.

Monday, July 23,  The First Day of School starts at 8:15 am on  and is a Minimum Day.

  • All students GRADES 1-6 should report directly to their classrooms for the first day, where teachers will post which line to go to on the blacktop. Students GRADES 1-3 are dismissed at 1:00 pm and GRADES 4-6 at 1:15 pm on the first day and every Friday.
  • All incoming Kindergarten students and their parents go to their assigned classroom at 9:00 am for a Kindergarten Orientation.  Orientation ends at 11:30 am and Kindergarten students will be dismissed to go home with parents.  Please note Kinder dismissal for the first week (7-23 through 7-27) will be 11:30 am.  After the first week Kinder dismissal is 2:15 pm Monday – Thursday and 1:00 pm on Fridays and all other minimum days.

There will be no parent volunteers on campus during the first two weeks of school.

Thursday, August 2:  Training for volunteers.  For those who want to volunteer in the classroom, you must first participate the training either at 8:30 am or 6:30 pm. 

Monday, August 6:  First day trained volunteers can be on campus.

We are looking for several parents who are able to help with our Morning Mileage Club.  if you are available in the mornings from 7:30 am to 8:15 am please email the principal at lisa.lines@cvesd.org

School Site Council is in need of 3 Parent Representatives interested in serving on our school’s governance board that oversees student achievement and the school budget.  Nominations will be accepted now through August 6.  No experience necessary, just a willingness to serve.  Once the ballot is determined, elections will be held on August 9 at Curriculum Night.  The first official SSC meeting will be held on August 15.  SSC meets approximately one time per month on a date and time to be determined at first meeting.

The Multicultural Family Association is also in need of parent representatives.  If you are interested, please see the form in your back to school folder.


Arrival -The front gate and playground gate will open at 7:30 am.  These will be the only two gates open.  They will be closed at 820 am.  Students should be on the blacktop at 8:15 am when the bell rings.  For those parents who stay for the morning message, someone will be at the gate to let you out.

 Dismissal – Front gate will open at 2:30 pm and students will be come out to the drop off /pick up area.  Grades 1 and 2 will be escorted to the front by teachers.  PARENTS WILL MEET THEIR CHILD(REN) IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL.  Kinder students will have their own pick up area at the gate near the kinder playground.   The playground gate will open at 2:30 for any walkers that use the stairs.  It will not be open for people to come on campus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with these new safety  procedures.

August 1: OPTC Meeting @ 5:00 pm
August 2: Volunteer In-service 8:30 am & 6:30 pm
August 7: ELAC Information Meeting @ 8:30 am
August 6: First day volunteers may be on campus/SSC nomination forms due to the office
August 9: Curriculum Night (3 sessions) @ 5:30, 6:15 & 7:00 pm
August 15: First SSC Meeting (elections)
August 16: Bus Evac.
August 21:MFA (ELAC) Elections
August 22: Picture Day
August  23: Military Coffee @ 8:30
August 24: Back to School Barbeque: 5:30-7:30 pm
August 31: Student Council Elections

2018-19 School Calendar Year Round – Board Approved

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