Registration Commitment Form Update

Please note, due to feedback, the form for possible reopening has been updated. You are only being asked to commit to 2nd Quarter, NOT the entire year. We will re-evaluate each quarter. If this changes your decision, you can redo the form, and I will use the latest entry. Also, here are some FAQ’s that have been added to the conversation. Thank you for your emails and your caring concern. I really appreciate that! STAY GOLDEN!

Registration Commitment Form Udated

Q: Why are we being asked to fill out a commitment form for the school year? Why not for the quarter? 

A: Thank you for the feedback. Dr. Escobedo agrees that the commitment should be for the quarter. A similar survey would be sent out each quarter. Again, we want to reiterate that any opening is based on transmission rate data that will be continuously examined. Please tune in to the October 8 District Virtual Town Hall meeting for more details. 

Q. I noticed the due date on the commitment form is before the town hall meeting with Superintendent Escobedo. Can we submit the form after the town hall meeting on 08 October, with hopes that our questions will be answered?  

A: Olympic View did not specify a due date. It will be sometime AFTER the Town Hall Meeting.

6 thoughts on “Registration Commitment Form Update

  1. For the kids that choose the option of in person instruction will the YMCA have more spot available for before and/or after-school care?


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